Refining & Marketing

Oil Refining

Sunaelneftegas’s main strategic goals in the downstream segment include enhancing the technological advantage refinery, improving product quality and competitiveness and increasing sales margins through integrated development of small wholesale and retail sales in order to maximize direct access to consumers.

Strategic Refining goals

  • Implementing the filling stations rebranding programme
  • Increasing refining depth and the share of light products
  • Continuing the implementation of the upgrade programme, retaining technological leadership.
  • Optimizing the range of petroleum products 
  • Improving the efficiency of export sales
  • Geographical diversification of sales on the domestic and international markets 

Key oil refining indicators

2013 2014 2015
Oil refining per year, million tonnes 26.2 22.1 28.8
Utilization rate, % 88.1% 91.2% 94.4%
Total refinery output, million tonnes 20.0 19.2 22.9
Refining depth, % 87.3% 84.9% 91.2%


Key oil refining indicators

2013 2014 2015
Crude oil distillation capacity, million tonnes per year 24.1 24.1 24.1
Oil refining per year, million tonnes 21.2 21.1 20.8
Utilization rate, % 87.9% 87.% 86.3%
Total refinery output, million tonnes 19.4 19.2 18.9
Share of light products, % 61.8% 59.9% 59.7%


Total revenues from liquids sales increased to 41.6 billion Rubles, or by 6.1%, in 2015 as compared to 2014, due to the increase in sales volumes and higher realized prices.

During 2013, we supplied natural gas to 17 regions of the Russian Federation and accounted for 9.3% of the total natural gas deliveries to the domestic market.

The Company's primary liquid hydrocarbon sales volumes are comprised of stable gas condensate and liquefied petroleum gases. We are also producing and selling relatively small quantities of crude oil. The stable gas condensate is primarily used in the petrochemical and oil refining industries as an alternative to naphtha and light crude oil, respectively.

Sales Volumes
FY 2015
FY 2014
Stable gas condensate, mt
Liquefied petroleum gas, mt
Crude oil, mt
Oil products, mt

On the domestic market, our LPG is sold through large wholesale channels, as well as our network of retail and small wholesale stations. In 2015, large wholesale supplies to the domestic market were 421 thousand tons, representing 36% of total LPG sales volumes.